New Online Video Platform Sheds Light on Facebook and Social Plugins


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Brad Okel

The Eisen Agency


New Online Video Platform Sheds Light on Facebook and Social Plugins
Epipheo helps people understand the latest social features powered by Facebook Platform

Seattle, WA – June 22, 2010 – Online video is nothing new these days, and instructional videos have been around since the advent of moving pictures. Yet, many of the giants in technology, digital and social media are turning to the medium to develop an entirely new breed of instructional and informative online video called the ‘epipheo’ – a term coined by the creators of Epipheo Studios, Ben Crawford, Jeremy Pryor, Jon Collins, and Stephen Mowry.

Recently Epipheo worked with Facebook to help educate people on the service’s latest features – social plugins. Social plugins, which include the Like button, and Recommendations and Activity Feed widgets, make it easy for people to share activity with friends regardless of which website they’re on.

Access the epipheo here:

In the two minute Facebook video, titled “Understanding Social Plugins,” Epipheo Studios combines simple graphics and easy to understand storytelling scripting to explain what social plugins are and how they work. “Our goal when developing an epipheo is to help people understand complex issues,” Crawford says. “This new Facebook epipheo is designed to help even non tech savvy consumers understand and appreciate the concept of social plugins simple terms.”


About Epipheo Studios

Epipheo Studios is a group storytellers and scriptwriters who attempt to change the way people think or understand specific companies, products, or services through online videos. These videos, known as Epipheos, are designed to create an Epiphany through video = Epiph – eo. For more information about Epipheo Studies visit


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