HealthSpan Solutions Launches BeneVia® Adult Nutrition Drink

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HealthSpan Solutions Launches BeneVia® Adult Nutrition Drink

Beverage targets growing health-conscious boomer population

Little Rock, AR — March 2, 2010 — With the aging American population on the rise, many nutritionists and physicians are looking for proactive ways to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Little Rock based HealthSpan Solutions, LLC, had the same idea in mind ten years ago when they began research on healthy aging.

“We were looking to fill the gap in the nutrition beverage market,” president and CEO of HealthSpan Solutions John Troup said. “Many nutritional drinks were either lacking in the taste department or did not provide a balanced solution to help the aging demographic. We combined both of these needs to form BeneVia® (pronounced “ben-uh-VEE-uh”).”

The therapeutic nutritional fruit based beverage is the first advancement in adult nutrition in 20 years that targets and effectively manages four major health conditions with specific nutrient formulas. The products combine essential ingredients that are designed to help with memory, strength, heart health and immunity, and supplies essential nutrients that promote healthy aging, including vitamins, Omega 3 and six to eight grams of protein.

The proprietary protein blend, called ViaLeuPro™, is four times more effective than other protein supplements according to clinical studies*, and consists of protein, leucine, essential amino acids and key vitamins and minerals. BeneVia® is fat free, has minimal carbohydrates and approximately half the calories of other beverages in the adult nutrition category.

A naturally flavored fruit juice drink, BeneVia® is available in four flavors: pineapple lulo, peach mango, pomegranate blueberry and cranberry lemon. A four pack of BeneVia® retails for $8.99 and is available online at, and It can also be found on shelves at Kroger, Rite Aid, Wegman’s, Walgreens, Publix and several other drug and grocery stores nationwide.

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About BeneVia®

BeneVia® was created by a consumer-driven healthcare company, HealthSpan Solutions, after five years of independent research focusing nutritional solutions to help improve overall health. The four flavors contain nutrients which have been clinically tested and may aid in managing common health concerns faced by the baby boomer generation. For more information about BeneVia® and HealthSpan Solutions, visit

* Editors Note: Studies available upon request


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