Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation

Every day we see the effects of the struggling economy within our Northern Kentucky community. Economizing is a new way of life, and many stay-at-home parents are now forced to seek full time employment in order to make ends meet.

Perhaps the hardest hit during this time of economic crunch are the young people, who often lack after school supervision and cannot afford extracurricular activities. This combination can create victims of peer pressure; a slippery slope often leading to drugs, violence, crime and even loneliness.

In light of these changing times, area volunteers and churches have banded together to create the Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation, a nonprofit agency offering the only low cost after school and summer camp programs in the area for junior high and high school kids.

Our goal is to provide a safe, peer pressure free environment for area youth, with an emphasis on Christian values. The pilot program is slated to begin this summer, but in order for this vision to become a reality, we need your help by spreading the word and considering a donation, which will go towards programming, insurance, training and marketing, and can be made at

I look forward to working together to better our community and ensuring a better future for our youth.

Ryan Courtade, Board Member
Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation

P.S. Please help get your friends and church involved by spreading the word. You can forward this e-mail, share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Networks by using the links below. We need you help.


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