TiER1 Performance Solutions Awarded NASA Research Grant for Human Factors Evaluations

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Media Contact: Rodger Roeser, APR

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TiER1 Performance Solutions Awarded NASA Research Grant for Human Factors Evaluations

Covington, KY – December 2, 2009 TiER1 Performance Solutions announced today that they received a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award from NASA. The Phase I contract will develop an innovative knowledge management solution to support engineers in identifying and resolving human factors integration issues early in the design process.

TiER1 will be working with Alion Science and Technology to identify the requirements, develop and implement this project, known as the Human Factors Evaluation Automated Tool (HFE-AT). HFE-AT, which will include a knowledge warehouse and customized content, will help NASA engineers improve human-system integration without overburdening human factors specialists.

According to Dr. Terence Andre, Principal Consultant for TiER1, this is a significant win for the company. “This Phase I contract with NASA partners us with a national leader in human factors engineering tools (Alion Science & Technology), and allows us to deliver innovative knowledge management solutions to NASA.”

TiER1 has received multiple SBIR research awards in 2009 for their innovative technology. This Phase I award from NASA represents a growth area for the company and the state of Kentucky. “We are thrilled to have another strategic opportunity to expand our business, create jobs and bring exposure to Kentucky as a national thought leader in knowledge technologies,” said Dr. Kevin Moore, TiER1 Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer. “This win is a testament not only to our team, but also to Kentucky’s commitment to the SBIR Program and to small businesses in general- no doubt a winning combination.”


About TiER1 Performance Solutions

Founded in 2002, TiER 1 Performance Solutions provides end‐to‐end on‐line learning and knowledge management solutions to large distributed organizations. Its core service offerings of Learning Solutions and Knowledge Management are supported by a suite of technologies that act as solution accelerators for clients in solving human performance challenges. Visit TiER1 on the web at http://www.tier1performance.com.

About the Department of Defense Small Business Innovative Research Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR program funds a billion dollars each year in early-stage R&D projects at small technology companies — projects that serve a DoD need and have commercial applications. This program encourages small business to explore their technological potential while providing the incentive to profit from its commercialization. For more information, visit http://www.acq.osd.mil/osbp/sbir/overview/index.htm


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