Groundbreaking Germ Protection Spray Available to Cincinnati Consumers for First Time

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Groundbreaking Germ Protection Spray Available to Cincinnati Consumers for First Time

Spray Reduces by 99.99 Percent More Than 60 Potentially Harmful Germs

Cincinnati, OH – September 2, 2009 – MyClynsÒ, a convenient, pocket-sized spray that reduces 99.99 percent of more than 60 harmful pathogens including MRSA, e. Coli, and staph in laboratory tests, is for the first time being made available to Cincinnati consumers. The professional MyClyns product trusted by police, firefighters, EMTs and other health care professionals to protect them when exposed to germs while on the job, is now available for a limited time to consumers and is available online at The product will sell for $17.99.

Union, Kentucky-based Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, developer of MyClyns, is test marketing the professional product throughout Greater Cincinnati in preparation for a national consumer version and consumer rollout later this fall. Union Springs’ leadership decided to offer the same professional version of the product to the public after receiving numerous requests earlier this summer, and to make the product readily available for the fall and winter season.

MyClyns is a non-stinging, non-burning, alcohol-free spray that is safe for use on all mucous membranes. After coming into contact with a potentially infected person, MyClyns can be sprayed directly into the eyes, ears, mouth and minor cuts and abrasions – common entry points for most germs. When an exposure to germs has occurred, such as a sneeze or a cough, response time is critical. MyClyns is a readily available product that can be stored in a pocket, purse, gym bag or carry-on for everyday use.

“MyClyns has been embraced in the public safety community, as first responders are frequently exposed to germs and bodily fluids in the field,” Union Springs Pharmaceuticals president Joel Ivers explained. “The expansion of this product into consumer markets offers individuals a way to respond to germ exposures, and to put a measure of control, conveniently, right into their hands.”

Visit for more information about the product.


About Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC specializes in providing innovative infection control products for the EMS, fire, law enforcement, corrections, military, government, healthcare, and consumer markets.  Union Springs Pharmaceuticals offers personal and environmental exposure response products including MyClyns, the revolutionary personal protection spray that can be applied into the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Union Springs also offers the T-5000 and T-5000V P95 respirators, the only disposable respirators with antibacterial and antiviral technology. More information on Union Springs Pharmaceuticals and its products can be found at

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