Local Private Air Charter Taps Cincinnati Public Relations Firm for Brand

Local Private Air Charter Taps Cincinnati Public Relations Firm for Brand
Eisen Management Group Flies With Air Alpha, Developing Comprehensive Sales Outreach

Newport, KY – December 9, 2008 — Greater Cincinnati public relations and marketing firm Eisen Management Group will develop a comprehensive sales and marketing outreach program for one of the area’s oldest private air charter organizations, Air Alpha. EMG president Rodger Roeser calls the new program innovative not only in tactics, but also in the manner the firm plans to position the private air charter business to potential customers.
Air Alpha, which operates from Lunken Airport and provides private charter flights for personal and business travel, is experiencing a surge in customers seeking an alternative from the large airline experience. EMG will be leading Air Alpha through a comprehensive brand development, advertising and public relations initiative, which will also include the unveiling of a new logo, their first change in more than 20 years, as well as an aggressive outreach program to showcase the benefits of air charter flying.
Air Alpha vice president of marketing Kristen Alvarez explained that EMG was chosen because the firm goes beyond traditional, and as she put it ‘archaic’ thinking, as to what a public relations firm should provide to a client. “EMG immediately understood that we do marketing to increase sales and market share, where it seems as most firms believe they are in the business of invoicing for making a pretty ad or writing a press release. I found that most agencies fail to understand why they are in business, which is to assist their clients in growth through well executed and thought out marketing communications strategies. EMG is the only local firm I found that ‘gets’ that.”
Alvarez says she expects the program to double the size of her organization within a year, despite the economy. She says she expects this growth will result in additional jobs for Greater Cincinnatians, more direct routes for the private air charter business, and more investment in Air Alpha capital infrastructure.
About Air Alpha
Air Alpha provides on-demand air charter service that has been safely serving the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 30 years. Air Alpha provides qualified personnel at an affordable fare to business and personal travelers to more than 6,000 destinations. More information can be accessed by calling 1-800-909-IFLY (4359).
About EMG

With headquarters in Greater Cincinnati, EMG is the largest integrated public relations firm in Northern Kentucky and specializes in developing growth opportunities through marketing and marketing communications activities. The award winning public relations firm works with a variety of clientele in the restaurant, retail, healthcare, financial, professional services, transportation, CPG, and government. More information can be accessed at http://www.EisenManagementGroup.com or by calling 859.291.4302. EMG – Let’s Make Some Waves.

Media Contact: Rodger Roeser, APR, Eisen Management Group


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