10 Questions You Should Ask Your Agency Before Getting In Bed Together


1. Who exactly will be working on my account, and exactly what will each bring to the table?

2. Exactly what rates do you charge for your services and are there markups on deliverables?

3. Are you an accredited member of any industry associations. If not, why? If yes, which ones?

4. How do you invoice a client?

5. Does your agency lock my organization into a contract?

6. Do you outsource any of your services? If yes, exactly which ones and why?

7. Give me a list of your current clients and their average annual billings.

8. Show me examples of ways your agency promotes itself through advertising, social and PR.

9. Do you understand and are you familiar with current technology?

10. Who is the editor of (insert main trade publication for your industry here).


I have seen so many companies get burnt by agencies who over-promised and under-delivered.  Be sure to go to your first meeting prepared. Ask the questions and get the answers you need and deserve!


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